About me


My name is Gregory Rodriguez I was born in Toronto, Ontario in the city of North York. I am a single father with full custody of a 7 year old boy with autism and manage to volunteer as a part time hockey and soccer coach and work as a security contractor and consultant for many law enforcement firms as well as a former self-defense Instructor for many school boards and security firms.

20180902_192613My family has been residents of Toronto for over 60 wonderful years and have bared witnesses to both its positive and negative changes which brings me to why I’m seeking your vote in the 2018 election.
I have seen for to many years the gradual decline in city services and community engagement especially in our schools systems. it seems to me that there is to much red tape, decisions being made with influence from special interests groups without critical thinking being done but most importantly to much talk and not enough action which is why I decided to “talk the talk and walk the walk”.

20180715_171445My employment and source of income is in sports education and law enforcement. I’m a Certified coach / Instructor by the Ontario Coaches Association in Hockey, MMA Soccer. my second profession is close protection specialist, security consultant/operator licensed by the province of Ontario governed by the ministry of community safety and correctional services.